Friday, January 28, 2011

Don't Think to Write a Huge number of Post in a Day or two

No one can get success in a Day or Two.. Even a successful people had to work for days & nights for success.

Almost every New Blogger has a mentality that he can cover a lot of post in a day or two. With full of his energy, he start to write a huge number of articles right from the first day, but it end with a writer block situation.

This Situation happens because
  • he give more pressure on his mind to write a lot.
  • after writing a lot of articles, he feel like he's not getting any quick result.
  • he get frustrated.
So, What to do?
  • If you are a single writer of your blog then try to write only 1 article or maximum 2, even your articles are shorter.
  • Write upto the point & make the paragraph as small as you can.
  • Keep a Continuous Writing Schedule.

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