Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What was earlier blogger?

Till Earlier 2000, the Blogger lived a different life.. Which was bit easy than today's blogging life.

Things that Early blogger didn't had to do for Survival:

The About Me Page:

Early Bloggers didn't had to introduce themselves for gaining the readers trust. At that time, bloggers are very much trusted because the spammers were not high to flood the internet with their nonsense stuffs.

No Direct Connection through Emails and Social Networks:
Blogger didn't had to answer everyone's emails and they even didn't had the power of social network. Just a single sleepy and easy written post was enough to survive in blogosphere.

No Need of Freebies for Attracting New Readers:
At that time, blogs were lesser than the readers.. so, the readers used to get attracted to the blogs that came across them. And they even gave their email for subscription without hesitating. No need of Bribes.

But now, everything is change.. You know!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I write when i feel like writing

Writing is a creative work. And you can't write a quality content if you force yourself to do it..

If you're constantly writing posts after post, then it may come to a situation when you feel like you can't write anymore.

Truly speaking, i don't write a lot! And i take a long gap between every blog posting.. These small gaps in my posting frequency keeps me away from writer's block Situation.

I think, you know about writer's block? ... it's a hell for bloggers. When a blogger suffer from writer's block, he simply can't writer anything or he can't do brainstorming.

Anyhow, keep a separate time for blogging. Specially, when you have fresh mind.

I do blogging after:
  • Watching my Favorite TV Shows
  • After My Bath
  • After 10'O clock night, when i finish all my work.
If you ask me which time is best for blogging then, I'll suggest you to do this activity after your bath or after watching an entertaining tv show or in the morning after you wake up (if you've time in morning) whenever you're fresh enough to write.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

20 Important Blogging Terms

If any Blogging term is confusing you then, here below are some listed.. I tried my best to explain everything in very easy language.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization is for better listing over Search Engines like Google, Bing, etc.
PPC - Pay Per Click. PPC helps you to earn money for every single click.
Affiliate Marketing - Earning High Commissions by Selling other people's product to your readers.
SOPS - selling other people's stuff
OPM -other's people's merchandise
OPP - other people's products
CPM - Cost Per thousand Impression. Whenever you get more than thousands page views or unique visitors, your ad pays you.
CTR - Clickthrough rate. It is obtained by dividing the "number of users who clicked on an ad" on a web page by the "number of times the ad was delivered"
PPP - Pay Per Post. When you post a review of the product of the advertiser on your blog, you get paid.
PPT - Pay per Tweet. If you're using microblogging platform like Twitter, PPT helps you to monetize your tweet stream.
DoFollow - An attribute which allows the Search Engine to Crawl the link of a page to another. It gives SEO credits to pages linked.
NoFollow - It is an attribute given to a link, which prevent the search engine to crawl it. In other word, no SEO credit is give by one page to another.
Permalink - Particular post address in a blog.
RSS Feed - It makes the easy delivering of site content to the readers.
Avatar - The Profile pic which represents you throughout the blog or the social networking sites.
Blogroll - List of Favorite Blog Links, displayed in a blog.
Favicon - A tiny graphical logo that appears in the browser's address bar when the blog is open.
Sitemap - A Page which list all your post links. It specially helps search engine to crawl all your blog posts.
Subscriber - The Readers who nsubscribe your blog through different medium like RSS, email subscription, etc.
Email Marketing - The way of reaching to your readers when you want them to hear your voice, through emails.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Deal with Fresh Ideas

We bloggers are very creative and therefore, we get a lot of new ideas on every step of our blogging life. These ideas sometime works great but most of the time, destroys our online reputation.

Image Credit
If you're already running a blog on a particular subject, sometime a situation comes when you feel like as if you should start another blog with a new topic. And you start getting a lot of new ideas around your mind which takes away your sleep.

New Ideas naturally comes, you can't stop it and if you're concentrating on a particular blog then don't jump for another blog.. just implement your fresh ideas on your existing blog. Keep in mind that "the more your blog gets old, the more it gets value".

What to do, when you've encountered with some fresh ideas?
When you've encountered with some fresh ideas, don't take quick decision to divert your mind from your present work. First, you perform the below steps..
  • Analyze your fresh ideas.
  • Perform a small research on that subject.
  • You can lead a discussion on public forums to get public views regarding the new idea.
  • Just use twitter to track down, what people are tweeting about it (use twitter search to track the "keyword" related to your idea).
  • Read different expert blogs related to that niche.
After performing the above things, if you feel that your idea could take a lot of time to get success or it's hard to get success with it, then just avoid it.. Or even if you think that it has a good future, then also don't take the quick decision because a little mistake is sufficient to spoil your healthy blogging life.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Popular Television Shows can be your Blog Topic

Blogging about any popular television show can engage many active readers on your blog.
Image Credit
If you are thinking to start a new blog but exactly not getting- what will be its topic? then, keep your eyes open on television for your favorite shows.
It's not difficult to speak or write about your favorite shows...
Now a days, television shows are best to blog about and to engage a lot of active readers and commentators. Specially the reality shows which comes in series every year.

That means, every year you'll get new things to write about.

Benefits about This kind of blog:
These topics have lots of pre-interested audience and you can easily drive them to your blog from different facebook fan pages related to that tv show.

There're too disadvantages of running a blog related to a reality show:
You can write about them for a limited period of time till it lasts because a reality show runs for 3-4 months and again it releases its another series (season) in next year. So, there comes a big gap between one series with another. So this gap creates a writer's block situation which makes the blogger wait for the next season.

What you can do to reduce these season gap?
You can keep your readers engage about the "things happened wrong or correct in the past season".. Always, keep them connected with your discussion related to the past series of the shows.. Highlight some awesome moments of the shows and keep them waiting for the next season.

This is how you can run a healthy television show blog.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Two Path of Blogging [Tips]

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According to me, there are two path of blogging... And both of them need a long time to get success.

Path #1. Creating Content and Nothing Else:
Some bloggers are there, who goes on creating content without thinking much about their personal branding, readers' conversation, etc. They only concentrate on their work .i.e. building quality content daily or weekly.
Example, can be taken under this particular path category. The author of this blog is still unknown to everyone.. even he doesn't participate in  any blog conversation, not even interact with any of his blog commentators. But he don't stop creating content. This blog is very well known through out the blogosphere and is successful because of its regular content posting.
Path #2. Building Relationship with Blog Readers:
This we call a pure blogging, where a blogger builds relationship with his readers to gain his trust. They are much more concern with conversational post rather than a normal post. Even, they don't stop creating content.

Building relationship with blog reader have many benefits. One of them is Selling off the affiliate products to their loyal readers to earn high commission.  But it's bit difficult in normal blogging.
Eg,, which is more concern in building relationship with their readers. And that's why people knows this blog very well.
Comparing both of them, i suggest you to follow Path #1. in your initial blogging stage and later when you've created some great number contents, you go for Path #2. for building your loyal audience.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Now, Blog Newsletter is for Searching Collaborators

Image Credit
I receive newsletters from Daniel Scocco because i'm subscribed to his blog. One thing, i must appreciate that his newsletters are worth reading. Everytime i open, i find some great reading material.

Today, i received a newsletter from Daniel, but it is not like the regular one... It's an open invitation for new partners and collaborators to work with him on his various online projects.

That is really a Cool Idea! to Find some collaborators from Subscriber base..

Newsletter asking for Collaboration [Screenshot]

How it's benefitable to search professionals from subscribers?
One question stroke my mind .i.e. why he's searching for professionals directly from his subscribers without taking the help of popular freelancing websites?
After a deep thinking, i came up with some reasons..

Reason: he may be searching for people to hire from his subscribers:
  • Freelance or Job website takes handsome amount of fee to find professionals to hire, which Daniel can easily find for Free.
  • New partners from subscribers have good trust on Daniel, which also works great.
  • Most of the subscribers are his followers, and they'll not charge high to work and even will find them lucky to work with him.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Steps for Creating a Readable Content

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If you really want to know the steps for Creating a Readable Content then it is very simple to do.. follow these below steps:
  • Open your Mind
  • Think Something Unique
  • Choose the Most Discussed
  • Creatively Craft it in your mind.
  • You may Note Down the Points in a Notepad (not essential)
  • Write the Whole Thing in your Flow of Speaking.
  • If you're Explaining a Tough Concept, then try to reduce the difficulty level to the normal for better understanding.
  • Proofread it to test whether you're understanding your own writing or not? If not, recreate it or go ahead.
  • Time for adding a Image related to the thing you're talking about.
  • Use Google Advance Search or Flickr Advance Search to find "Free Use" Images.
  • Resize the Image in your Post.
  • At last, judge your own post like a reader.

An attractive feature of a Copywriter

Image Credit
No matter, who's it- Brian Clerk, Glenn Murray or Darren Rowse. Everyone has a common feature of copywriting .i.e. they have a creative views of everything around them.

For them, every activities going around, add spices to their daily content. And they can easily relate anything with their topic to build a worthy content.
"What 8 Best-Selling Magazines Can Teach You About Irresistible Content" published at Copyblogger.
Here in the above example, they related the Best Selling Magazine writing style to create an Irresistible Content. Doesn't it looks more interesting and new? They wrote the same copywriting idea with a different relation, to make it look fresh.
Example #2,
"7 Valuable Lessons Bloggers Can Learn from Construction Workers" from Problogger.
In this example, the author added 7 Same Blogging lessons but to make it look fresh, he related those lessons with workers. Again we can say, he wrote a same concept with a new look.

That's how a copywriter continue creating posts by relating with their daily observations, to make their blog survive..

Start your 1st Two Week of Blogging with Short Content

Image Credit
First make your blog base strong.. that means, start your 1st Two Week of Blogging with Short Contents to create a good amount of posts related to your niche. But don't try to Write a Huge number of Post in a Day or two.

Why you should Create Short Posts in the 1st Two Week of Blogging?
  • Series of Short Posts at the Beginning make your Blog look Contenty.
  • It create a sense of momentum on your blog.
  • Readers find your blog healthy and they subscribe it to receive the related post for the next day.
  • Short Posts are not so Stressful... So, It's best for beginners to come up with new post everyday.
How to Start with?
To maintain a flow of regular posting, launch your blog with 3-4 posts and keep 5-6 posts in draft. So that when you fail to update your blog, you can publish those draft posts.

But anyhow, keep the posting frequency regular... It's very essential to maintain the regular posting flow to survive in blogosphere.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to retain Genuine Email Subscribers with your free giveaway?

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New Technique to retain the genuine email subscribers is here.
As you know email subscribers are your real wealth for blogging empire and maximum online marketer prefers to gain email subscribers with free digital giveaways like ebooks, video guides, etc..

The Reason: Your Email Subscribers are the people who buys your product...

But one big problem they face are the temporary email subscribers, who subscribe only just for receiving the free stuffs.

Thatz not a big deal to identify those inactive subscribers because your Email Manager like aweber, mailchimp, etc has its tracking device to track down the active email listeners.

But the problem is... you're missing the genuine email subscribers.

So, how to retain them?

Just think like a marketer! I got a new ides..

If your subscribers are giving their email for downloading the free stuffs, then inform them to receive some free digital goodies on your monthly newsletter.

You try to release free 5-6 pages useful reports every month on your newsletter so that they don't provide you their temporary emails. Make them wait for your release of free downloadable goodies on your monthly newsletters.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Adsense Minimum Requirement for New Blogs

When i applied for adsense account 4 years ago, it easily got approved in few hours and even my blog was not upto the approval mark.. I think, it had around 10 posts.

The time when i joined adsense publisher, its TOS was not hard and tight. Yet! i didn't ever exploited its rules..

But with the increase in fake accounts, invalid clicks, multiple accounts has forced adsense to keep a minimum requirement for approval of the blogs, these are:
  • Blog need to be 6 month old.
  • With minimum of 20 posts in it.
  • Quality maintained contents.
  • Not spammy.
  • Anyhow it doesn't violate the Adsense TOS.

Think before hiring inexperienced people for your online works

Not one time, several time i did mistakes of hiring inexperienced people for doing my online work.

Actually, online working is somewhat confusing to some extend which an inexperienced person can't understand properly... If you think, that any person with a little working power can easily do your online work, then you're wrong because to survive in the online world, you should have a good conversational writing power .i.e. the capacity to influence a mass of people with your conversational way of writing.

Wherever you go- social media marketing, blogging, copywriting, online service provider, etc.. your friendly writing power is essential.

And another important thing is the love for the work, and passionate about what you are doing.

Before Hiring Someone for your online work, you should check these following requirements in them:
  • Friendly Writing Skill: The Writing skill which can easy dissolve your readers into conversation and later convert them into a customer. They're essential!
  • Passionate about the work: It is very important to see whether they are passionate about their work or not because if they are not, they'll not enjoy doing it... Can be less productive.
  • Love for their Work: See whether they love their work or not.... And how much.
  • Experience: Last, look for their experience...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why blogger release their earning reports?

You might have saw many professional bloggers releasing their monthly earning report and maximum of them shows the amount in thousands. Why do they expose their earning amounts..??

Observe your surrounding where you live, do you find anyone telling their monthly income to you? No, absolutely not because monthly income is a thing of keeping confidential. "No one like to share their monthly income except bloggers.."

Even i'm not interested in knowing anyone's monthly income, if it doesn't benefit me.

But Bloggers' Monthly Earning Reports are such valuable that helps both.. For readers it's a great piece of inspiration but for bloggers it's building loyal readers.

How Earning Report benefits blogger?
  • It tells you're Successful: Earning Report highlights that you are successful, which is actually the main root of a successful blogging life.
  • Gaining Readers Trust: When reader see your earning report, they feel like you are a successful person and they take you as an inspiration for them, which automatically builds a trust for you in their mind.
  • Extra Content: A funny truth of earning report is that, it gains you extra posts. For example, if your share 12 monthly earning report in a year, you automatically create 12 extra posts.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Things that don't allow you to go for own hosted blog

Running an own-hosted blog is very effective because you get the full control over your blog, every content on your blog are yours, and many more benefits.. and even i also suggest to go for own hosted blogs but you may think why i'm running this blog in blogspot, which is free? Here below are some reason why i don't go for own-hosted.

Reason why not to go for own-hosted blog:
  • Fear of blogging survival: Blogging is a long process, and to continue with it, you need to go on creating contents without thinking of any revenue. So, there comes a fear of survival.
  • Possibility of hacking your blog server: Atleast one of every blogger face hijacking of hosted blog, every month.
  • Money factor: Hosting your blog to good server can cost you some good amount of dollars per-month. If you are not earning regular income, then it become difficult to run an own hosted blog.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

To Engage with Bloggers on Facebook

Want some active bloggers to interact with?

You may want to share some great contents with a group of people who is interested in your niche.

I think, the bloggers who are writing blogs related to your blog niche are the best to interact with, because they are interested to know what your are sharing daily on your blog.

It creates a good impression for you in front of them, and gives value when you are sharing great contents. So, i think the best place to interact with them is through facebook.

Facebook has a special feature that enables you to get connected with the people who are related to your interest.

So, How to Do it?
First of all, add some related bloggers in your friend list and increase the volume of your friend list.

Now keep tracking their updates, and don't forget to "like" them... This "Like" button in facebook is something that works great to connect with your related interest people.

How it Works? Actually, if you like anyone's status.. facebook will always show you their updates on your home page. This will help you to easily track their updates and "like" them everyday. Similarly, when those blogger will find you liking their updates, then most of them will "Like" your updates to return the favor..

As, they come up "liking" your update.. they will see your updates on their home page.

Just see, they are now your permanent readers as they can see your updates on their home page and you can interact with them through comments...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Best Performance Adsense Unit Size

Adsense is the best source of income for the small bloggers & it's also a great source of income for the big publishers.

Earlier choosing the right adsense unit size and right placing of ad was a trick for the bloggers to generate handsome amount of revenue but now adsense itself suggesting the ad size & right placing of adsense unit for maximum click through ratio.

Best Ad Size:
  • 336x280 Large Rectangle.
  • 300x250 Medium Rectangle
  • 160x600 Wide Skyscraper.

Right Placing of Ad:

Here below is an Official Video from Adsense Team Suggesting the Best Performance Adsense Unit Size:

Don't Think to Write a Huge number of Post in a Day or two

No one can get success in a Day or Two.. Even a successful people had to work for days & nights for success.

Almost every New Blogger has a mentality that he can cover a lot of post in a day or two. With full of his energy, he start to write a huge number of articles right from the first day, but it end with a writer block situation.

This Situation happens because
  • he give more pressure on his mind to write a lot.
  • after writing a lot of articles, he feel like he's not getting any quick result.
  • he get frustrated.
So, What to do?
  • If you are a single writer of your blog then try to write only 1 article or maximum 2, even your articles are shorter.
  • Write upto the point & make the paragraph as small as you can.
  • Keep a Continuous Writing Schedule.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Linking Maximum Self-Posts from Main Page Or Sidebar

Some expert bloggers believe that maximum linking to the self-posts from sidebar or main page, makes the blog's performance better.

Benefits of Linking Self-Posts from Main Page Or Sidebar..
  • increases the number of page views.
  • decreases the bounce rate.
  • keep readers discovering the posts in your blog.
  • helps search engine to find all your post at a place.
  • makes your blog very informative.
  • it gives a killer look to your blog.

Blog Design attract 30 Percent of your readers attention

Blog Design is always essential for a blog to get reader's attention. Design of your blog is the thing that makes a passerby reader to keep an attention on your content. After all, you need to have a good content to retain your reader as your blog subscriber.

Design helps..
  • to take the attention of your readers.
  • makes your reader feel good to read.
  • makes your content reader friendly.