Friday, May 27, 2011

Things that don't allow you to go for own hosted blog

Running an own-hosted blog is very effective because you get the full control over your blog, every content on your blog are yours, and many more benefits.. and even i also suggest to go for own hosted blogs but you may think why i'm running this blog in blogspot, which is free? Here below are some reason why i don't go for own-hosted.

Reason why not to go for own-hosted blog:
  • Fear of blogging survival: Blogging is a long process, and to continue with it, you need to go on creating contents without thinking of any revenue. So, there comes a fear of survival.
  • Possibility of hacking your blog server: Atleast one of every blogger face hijacking of hosted blog, every month.
  • Money factor: Hosting your blog to good server can cost you some good amount of dollars per-month. If you are not earning regular income, then it become difficult to run an own hosted blog.

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