Sunday, January 30, 2011

To Engage with Bloggers on Facebook

Want some active bloggers to interact with?

You may want to share some great contents with a group of people who is interested in your niche.

I think, the bloggers who are writing blogs related to your blog niche are the best to interact with, because they are interested to know what your are sharing daily on your blog.

It creates a good impression for you in front of them, and gives value when you are sharing great contents. So, i think the best place to interact with them is through facebook.

Facebook has a special feature that enables you to get connected with the people who are related to your interest.

So, How to Do it?
First of all, add some related bloggers in your friend list and increase the volume of your friend list.

Now keep tracking their updates, and don't forget to "like" them... This "Like" button in facebook is something that works great to connect with your related interest people.

How it Works? Actually, if you like anyone's status.. facebook will always show you their updates on your home page. This will help you to easily track their updates and "like" them everyday. Similarly, when those blogger will find you liking their updates, then most of them will "Like" your updates to return the favor..

As, they come up "liking" your update.. they will see your updates on their home page.

Just see, they are now your permanent readers as they can see your updates on their home page and you can interact with them through comments...

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