Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why blogger release their earning reports?

You might have saw many professional bloggers releasing their monthly earning report and maximum of them shows the amount in thousands. Why do they expose their earning amounts..??

Observe your surrounding where you live, do you find anyone telling their monthly income to you? No, absolutely not because monthly income is a thing of keeping confidential. "No one like to share their monthly income except bloggers.."

Even i'm not interested in knowing anyone's monthly income, if it doesn't benefit me.

But Bloggers' Monthly Earning Reports are such valuable that helps both.. For readers it's a great piece of inspiration but for bloggers it's building loyal readers.

How Earning Report benefits blogger?
  • It tells you're Successful: Earning Report highlights that you are successful, which is actually the main root of a successful blogging life.
  • Gaining Readers Trust: When reader see your earning report, they feel like you are a successful person and they take you as an inspiration for them, which automatically builds a trust for you in their mind.
  • Extra Content: A funny truth of earning report is that, it gains you extra posts. For example, if your share 12 monthly earning report in a year, you automatically create 12 extra posts.

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Arijit Das said...

Earning Reports are actually your success indicator.