Monday, May 30, 2011

Think before hiring inexperienced people for your online works

Not one time, several time i did mistakes of hiring inexperienced people for doing my online work.

Actually, online working is somewhat confusing to some extend which an inexperienced person can't understand properly... If you think, that any person with a little working power can easily do your online work, then you're wrong because to survive in the online world, you should have a good conversational writing power .i.e. the capacity to influence a mass of people with your conversational way of writing.

Wherever you go- social media marketing, blogging, copywriting, online service provider, etc.. your friendly writing power is essential.

And another important thing is the love for the work, and passionate about what you are doing.

Before Hiring Someone for your online work, you should check these following requirements in them:
  • Friendly Writing Skill: The Writing skill which can easy dissolve your readers into conversation and later convert them into a customer. They're essential!
  • Passionate about the work: It is very important to see whether they are passionate about their work or not because if they are not, they'll not enjoy doing it... Can be less productive.
  • Love for their Work: See whether they love their work or not.... And how much.
  • Experience: Last, look for their experience...

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