Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to retain Genuine Email Subscribers with your free giveaway?

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New Technique to retain the genuine email subscribers is here.
As you know email subscribers are your real wealth for blogging empire and maximum online marketer prefers to gain email subscribers with free digital giveaways like ebooks, video guides, etc..

The Reason: Your Email Subscribers are the people who buys your product...

But one big problem they face are the temporary email subscribers, who subscribe only just for receiving the free stuffs.

Thatz not a big deal to identify those inactive subscribers because your Email Manager like aweber, mailchimp, etc has its tracking device to track down the active email listeners.

But the problem is... you're missing the genuine email subscribers.

So, how to retain them?

Just think like a marketer! I got a new ides..

If your subscribers are giving their email for downloading the free stuffs, then inform them to receive some free digital goodies on your monthly newsletter.

You try to release free 5-6 pages useful reports every month on your newsletter so that they don't provide you their temporary emails. Make them wait for your release of free downloadable goodies on your monthly newsletters.

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