Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Start your 1st Two Week of Blogging with Short Content

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First make your blog base strong.. that means, start your 1st Two Week of Blogging with Short Contents to create a good amount of posts related to your niche. But don't try to Write a Huge number of Post in a Day or two.

Why you should Create Short Posts in the 1st Two Week of Blogging?
  • Series of Short Posts at the Beginning make your Blog look Contenty.
  • It create a sense of momentum on your blog.
  • Readers find your blog healthy and they subscribe it to receive the related post for the next day.
  • Short Posts are not so Stressful... So, It's best for beginners to come up with new post everyday.
How to Start with?
To maintain a flow of regular posting, launch your blog with 3-4 posts and keep 5-6 posts in draft. So that when you fail to update your blog, you can publish those draft posts.

But anyhow, keep the posting frequency regular... It's very essential to maintain the regular posting flow to survive in blogosphere.

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