Wednesday, June 1, 2011

An attractive feature of a Copywriter

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No matter, who's it- Brian Clerk, Glenn Murray or Darren Rowse. Everyone has a common feature of copywriting .i.e. they have a creative views of everything around them.

For them, every activities going around, add spices to their daily content. And they can easily relate anything with their topic to build a worthy content.
"What 8 Best-Selling Magazines Can Teach You About Irresistible Content" published at Copyblogger.
Here in the above example, they related the Best Selling Magazine writing style to create an Irresistible Content. Doesn't it looks more interesting and new? They wrote the same copywriting idea with a different relation, to make it look fresh.
Example #2,
"7 Valuable Lessons Bloggers Can Learn from Construction Workers" from Problogger.
In this example, the author added 7 Same Blogging lessons but to make it look fresh, he related those lessons with workers. Again we can say, he wrote a same concept with a new look.

That's how a copywriter continue creating posts by relating with their daily observations, to make their blog survive..

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