Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Steps for Creating a Readable Content

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If you really want to know the steps for Creating a Readable Content then it is very simple to do.. follow these below steps:
  • Open your Mind
  • Think Something Unique
  • Choose the Most Discussed
  • Creatively Craft it in your mind.
  • You may Note Down the Points in a Notepad (not essential)
  • Write the Whole Thing in your Flow of Speaking.
  • If you're Explaining a Tough Concept, then try to reduce the difficulty level to the normal for better understanding.
  • Proofread it to test whether you're understanding your own writing or not? If not, recreate it or go ahead.
  • Time for adding a Image related to the thing you're talking about.
  • Use Google Advance Search or Flickr Advance Search to find "Free Use" Images.
  • Resize the Image in your Post.
  • At last, judge your own post like a reader.

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