Thursday, June 2, 2011

Now, Blog Newsletter is for Searching Collaborators

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I receive newsletters from Daniel Scocco because i'm subscribed to his blog. One thing, i must appreciate that his newsletters are worth reading. Everytime i open, i find some great reading material.

Today, i received a newsletter from Daniel, but it is not like the regular one... It's an open invitation for new partners and collaborators to work with him on his various online projects.

That is really a Cool Idea! to Find some collaborators from Subscriber base..

Newsletter asking for Collaboration [Screenshot]

How it's benefitable to search professionals from subscribers?
One question stroke my mind .i.e. why he's searching for professionals directly from his subscribers without taking the help of popular freelancing websites?
After a deep thinking, i came up with some reasons..

Reason: he may be searching for people to hire from his subscribers:
  • Freelance or Job website takes handsome amount of fee to find professionals to hire, which Daniel can easily find for Free.
  • New partners from subscribers have good trust on Daniel, which also works great.
  • Most of the subscribers are his followers, and they'll not charge high to work and even will find them lucky to work with him.

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