Friday, June 3, 2011

Two Path of Blogging [Tips]

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According to me, there are two path of blogging... And both of them need a long time to get success.

Path #1. Creating Content and Nothing Else:
Some bloggers are there, who goes on creating content without thinking much about their personal branding, readers' conversation, etc. They only concentrate on their work .i.e. building quality content daily or weekly.
Example, can be taken under this particular path category. The author of this blog is still unknown to everyone.. even he doesn't participate in  any blog conversation, not even interact with any of his blog commentators. But he don't stop creating content. This blog is very well known through out the blogosphere and is successful because of its regular content posting.
Path #2. Building Relationship with Blog Readers:
This we call a pure blogging, where a blogger builds relationship with his readers to gain his trust. They are much more concern with conversational post rather than a normal post. Even, they don't stop creating content.

Building relationship with blog reader have many benefits. One of them is Selling off the affiliate products to their loyal readers to earn high commission.  But it's bit difficult in normal blogging.
Eg,, which is more concern in building relationship with their readers. And that's why people knows this blog very well.
Comparing both of them, i suggest you to follow Path #1. in your initial blogging stage and later when you've created some great number contents, you go for Path #2. for building your loyal audience.

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