Saturday, June 4, 2011

Popular Television Shows can be your Blog Topic

Blogging about any popular television show can engage many active readers on your blog.
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If you are thinking to start a new blog but exactly not getting- what will be its topic? then, keep your eyes open on television for your favorite shows.
It's not difficult to speak or write about your favorite shows...
Now a days, television shows are best to blog about and to engage a lot of active readers and commentators. Specially the reality shows which comes in series every year.

That means, every year you'll get new things to write about.

Benefits about This kind of blog:
These topics have lots of pre-interested audience and you can easily drive them to your blog from different facebook fan pages related to that tv show.

There're too disadvantages of running a blog related to a reality show:
You can write about them for a limited period of time till it lasts because a reality show runs for 3-4 months and again it releases its another series (season) in next year. So, there comes a big gap between one series with another. So this gap creates a writer's block situation which makes the blogger wait for the next season.

What you can do to reduce these season gap?
You can keep your readers engage about the "things happened wrong or correct in the past season".. Always, keep them connected with your discussion related to the past series of the shows.. Highlight some awesome moments of the shows and keep them waiting for the next season.

This is how you can run a healthy television show blog.

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