Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Deal with Fresh Ideas

We bloggers are very creative and therefore, we get a lot of new ideas on every step of our blogging life. These ideas sometime works great but most of the time, destroys our online reputation.

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If you're already running a blog on a particular subject, sometime a situation comes when you feel like as if you should start another blog with a new topic. And you start getting a lot of new ideas around your mind which takes away your sleep.

New Ideas naturally comes, you can't stop it and if you're concentrating on a particular blog then don't jump for another blog.. just implement your fresh ideas on your existing blog. Keep in mind that "the more your blog gets old, the more it gets value".

What to do, when you've encountered with some fresh ideas?
When you've encountered with some fresh ideas, don't take quick decision to divert your mind from your present work. First, you perform the below steps..
  • Analyze your fresh ideas.
  • Perform a small research on that subject.
  • You can lead a discussion on public forums to get public views regarding the new idea.
  • Just use twitter to track down, what people are tweeting about it (use twitter search to track the "keyword" related to your idea).
  • Read different expert blogs related to that niche.
After performing the above things, if you feel that your idea could take a lot of time to get success or it's hard to get success with it, then just avoid it.. Or even if you think that it has a good future, then also don't take the quick decision because a little mistake is sufficient to spoil your healthy blogging life.

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