Wednesday, June 8, 2011

20 Important Blogging Terms

If any Blogging term is confusing you then, here below are some listed.. I tried my best to explain everything in very easy language.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization is for better listing over Search Engines like Google, Bing, etc.
PPC - Pay Per Click. PPC helps you to earn money for every single click.
Affiliate Marketing - Earning High Commissions by Selling other people's product to your readers.
SOPS - selling other people's stuff
OPM -other's people's merchandise
OPP - other people's products
CPM - Cost Per thousand Impression. Whenever you get more than thousands page views or unique visitors, your ad pays you.
CTR - Clickthrough rate. It is obtained by dividing the "number of users who clicked on an ad" on a web page by the "number of times the ad was delivered"
PPP - Pay Per Post. When you post a review of the product of the advertiser on your blog, you get paid.
PPT - Pay per Tweet. If you're using microblogging platform like Twitter, PPT helps you to monetize your tweet stream.
DoFollow - An attribute which allows the Search Engine to Crawl the link of a page to another. It gives SEO credits to pages linked.
NoFollow - It is an attribute given to a link, which prevent the search engine to crawl it. In other word, no SEO credit is give by one page to another.
Permalink - Particular post address in a blog.
RSS Feed - It makes the easy delivering of site content to the readers.
Avatar - The Profile pic which represents you throughout the blog or the social networking sites.
Blogroll - List of Favorite Blog Links, displayed in a blog.
Favicon - A tiny graphical logo that appears in the browser's address bar when the blog is open.
Sitemap - A Page which list all your post links. It specially helps search engine to crawl all your blog posts.
Subscriber - The Readers who nsubscribe your blog through different medium like RSS, email subscription, etc.
Email Marketing - The way of reaching to your readers when you want them to hear your voice, through emails.

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