Saturday, June 11, 2011

I write when i feel like writing

Writing is a creative work. And you can't write a quality content if you force yourself to do it..

If you're constantly writing posts after post, then it may come to a situation when you feel like you can't write anymore.

Truly speaking, i don't write a lot! And i take a long gap between every blog posting.. These small gaps in my posting frequency keeps me away from writer's block Situation.

I think, you know about writer's block? ... it's a hell for bloggers. When a blogger suffer from writer's block, he simply can't writer anything or he can't do brainstorming.

Anyhow, keep a separate time for blogging. Specially, when you have fresh mind.

I do blogging after:
  • Watching my Favorite TV Shows
  • After My Bath
  • After 10'O clock night, when i finish all my work.
If you ask me which time is best for blogging then, I'll suggest you to do this activity after your bath or after watching an entertaining tv show or in the morning after you wake up (if you've time in morning) whenever you're fresh enough to write.

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