Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What was earlier blogger?

Till Earlier 2000, the Blogger lived a different life.. Which was bit easy than today's blogging life.

Things that Early blogger didn't had to do for Survival:

The About Me Page:

Early Bloggers didn't had to introduce themselves for gaining the readers trust. At that time, bloggers are very much trusted because the spammers were not high to flood the internet with their nonsense stuffs.

No Direct Connection through Emails and Social Networks:
Blogger didn't had to answer everyone's emails and they even didn't had the power of social network. Just a single sleepy and easy written post was enough to survive in blogosphere.

No Need of Freebies for Attracting New Readers:
At that time, blogs were lesser than the readers.. so, the readers used to get attracted to the blogs that came across them. And they even gave their email for subscription without hesitating. No need of Bribes.

But now, everything is change.. You know!

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